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Relaxing Pulse Point Oil

Need to Relax but need a little help? This wonderful blend of relaxing aromatic oils has a clam and relaxing effect on the senses.

This Pulse Point Oil is a Chamomile infused Sunflower oil, rich in skin nurturing fatty acids with high amounts of therapeutic vitamins A, D, & E. for you to embrace, sit back, relax.

Essential oils:

Lavender- With calming, relaxing & healing properties with a wonderful fresh, sweet, herbaceous, floral aroma.
Vetiver- Has a deep, smokey, earthy, woody aroma & is known as the 'oil of tranquillity'. It is calming, soothing & restorative for both mind & body Myrrh is emotionally balancing & comforting.

Bergamot oil is revered for its relaxing properties & calming effects on stress, over-emotional feelings, depression, tension & physical & mental agitation.

Apply to pulse points, temples, lower jawline, back of neck, cleavage, behind the ears, inner wrists & inner elbow. Lightly massaging in a circular motion. Keep a bottle close to hand & re-apply should you need a few more minutes!

10ml Glass vial with rollerball & white screw top.

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