Organic Performance Post Workout Drink
Organic Performance Post Workout Drink
Organic Performance Post Workout Drink

Organic Performance Post Workout

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Organic Performance Post Workout

300g – 30 servings

  • Antioxidants and nutrients for faster recovery
  • Electrolytes to refuel and rehydrate
  • Plant-based ingredients that enhances muscle recovery
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Vegan
  • 100% Natural Ingredients


Mix with 200-350ml water, nut milk or add a scoop to our organic performance protein for a complete nutritious post workout drink.

Fusing the ancient wisdom of powerful herbs and superfoods with modern day scientific research. Organic Performance post-workout is made up of organically certified, plant-based herbs and superfoods, specifically designed to refuel and rehydrate during and after intense exercise.

With a synergistic blend of electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins performance post-workout is essential to enhance recovery and performance. As mother nature intended Organic Performance Post-Workout has been formulated with 100% natural ingredients, organically sourced and backed by science to help you achieve peak performance.

Organic coconut water powder and a mix of the most antioxidant dense berries provide nutrients essential for rehydration and recovery. Whilst a blend of superfoods including spirulina and chlorella provide key vitamins and minerals to support recovery and muscle growth. Spirulina has the most concentrated amounts of protein among all foods—at 67 to 71%. It contains all eight essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, E, K, calcium, iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, enzymes and more.

Organic Yacon is high in antioxidants and inulin acting as a prebiotic increasing absorption, digestion and gastrointestinal health.

Designed with athletes in mind Organic Performance Post-Workout is a blend of some of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet to meet the bodies recovery demands from intense exercise.

Designed with athletes in mind utilising 100% natural, plant-based ingredients with no compromise of artificial ingredients, fillers, additives or GMO’s….. Purity and Performance



Organic Coconut Water Powder, Organic Blueberry Powder, Organic Acai Berry Powder, Organic Goji Berry Powder, Organic Yacon Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, Organic Chlorella Powder, Organic Turmeric Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt



Being Organically certified holds us to a higher standard, meaning we are regulated and assessed to prove our ingredients have been organically farmed, are chemical and GMO free. Meaning better for us and better for the environment through reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility, conserving water and is better for birds and animals as no chemicals are used.