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Lavender wheat bag
Lavender wheat bag
Lavender wheat bag
Lavender wheat bag
Lavender wheat bag

Lavender wheat bag

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Lavender Wheat Bags - Perfect for use all year round.

Uses -

A safe alternative to the hot water bottle, making it perfect for everyone in the family. Use as a comforter or as a gentle heat pack to ease aches and pains. 


Pop one in a freezer bag and use as a cold pack on bruises, sprains & aching limbs.

Suffer with arthritis? These wheat bags will really help, eco friendly and a natural way to soothe aches and pains,

Plus the Lavender aids in relaxation to help calm both mind and spirit. 

**Lots of different fabrics available with and without Lavender visit . Message me for other patterns

* Please note pattern / fabric placement will vary. 


Ensure microwave is clean. For power setting 500w - 750w heat for 120seconds and for 750w - 1000w heat for 90seconds. To check that the temperature is not too hot, hold against the wrist or elbow for 10 seconds prior to use. As this is a natural product it may feel damp when first heated.
If using regularly you may need to re-hydrate the wheat in your bag, to do this, heat a cup of water in the microwave to boiling point to create steam. Then place your wheat bag next to the cup and heat for the required time.
To keep your wheat bag looking its best surface clean only DO NOT machine or hand wash. If worn or torn please discard safely.
CAUTION: Do not exceed heating times, let cool to room temperature before re-heating. If you have any doubts about using this product, please consult your doctor. Do not leave unattended with children under 36 months. Never leave heated product in a cot with a sleeping child.

Size approx. 45cm x 14cm
Our Wheat bags make a lovely gift on their own, or add some Lavender essential oil or one of our other therapeutic oils to your gift to make it extra special.