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Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pad - Kits

Bloom & Nora's Reusable Sanitary Pads are environmentally friendly whilst still allowing you to have a cycle in style. No more irritations from all of the harsh chemicals and in the long run they will save you money too! They are also made right here in the UK, and are the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads.

Trial Kit

Have an eco-friendly period with these award-winning reusable sanitary pads from Bloom & Nora. Not sure which size to go for? Get our trial pack which includes 1 of each size all in an Out and About Bag. You just need to decide whether to choose the Bloomers or the Nora's! Click here for more info on each type. 

Whole Kit

Ready to take the Plunge? Our Bloom and Nora Whole Kit provides you with everything you will need for a positive period. 

We recommend having between 10-12 pads for a normal period. (assuming you'll wash every couple of days). The Whole Kit gives you a range of our most popular sizes, so when your period settles in we've got you covered!

  • Included :- 
  • 4 Mini pads which are perfect for light days or flow,
  • 4 Midi for regular days 
  • 2 Maxi pads which you can use overnight or for heavy days
  • The Bathroom bag for storing soiled pads in before washing, 
  • Out and About Bag for changes on the go. 

You just need to decide whether you would prefer the Bloomers or the Nora's. Click Here for more info on each type