Bamboo Clothes Peg

Bamboo Clothes Peg

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Bamboo Clothes Pegs

This pack contains 20 Bamboo Clothes Pegs. They are made of sustainable bamboo and have a steel spring. Being fully eco-friendly these pegs are packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box. 100% plastic free.

Why swap to Bamboo Pegs?

Bamboo Pegs are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pegs. These bamboo clothes pegs can be composted once the steel spring has been separated and will degrade or can be recycled. Plastic pegs pollute the environment once they have been used and are easily replaced with this eco-friendly alternative. Bamboo is very sustainable, it is easily renewed and is a fast-growing grass, and it needs no pesticides to grow making it an even better option. 

To prolong the life of these bamboo pegs, keep them dry in-between uses.


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