Anxiety Pick Me Up Oil
Anxiety Pick Me Up Oil

Anxiety Pick Me Up Oil

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Anxiety - Pick Me Up Pulse Point Oil

Anxiety can be hard for anyone to deal with whether it is from the day to day stresses we all deal with or something more difficult. This Anxiety, Pick Me Up Pulse Point Oil is a natural allternative.  Essential oils can have a really powerful effect on our mood, emotions and on our behaviour. Inhaling an essential oil sets off a chain of events, cells in the nose receive the aroma molecules & send signals to the limbic system of the brain, our limbic system is what rules our emotions, which is why smelling certain essential oils often triggers emotions including a sense of peace, calmness, joy, contentment or excitement.

This Anxiety pulse point oil is a Chamomile infused Sunflower oil, rich in skin nurturing fatty acids & high amounts of therapeutic vitamins A,B,D,E. that has a pleasant calming & soothing aroma.

Essential oils:

May Chang- a great pick-me-up, ideal for clearing the head when feeling anxious, stressed or befuddled. Its regenerating, energizing, refreshing & uplifting anti-depressant.

Bergamot- creates a feeling of freshness, joy & energy & reduces nervous tension, anxiety & stress, stimulates the activity of certain hormones in the body, which induce feelings of relaxation & sedation, like dopamine & serotonin. Lavender- a good all-rounder with calming, relaxing & healing properties with a fresh, sweet, herbaceous, floral aroma.

Rose Geranium- with its heavy sweet rosy aroma & minty overtones, a good mood balancer as it helps relieve stress & anxiety whilst lifting the spirits.

Apply as required to temples, neckline & wrists lightly massaging in a circular motion. Keep one close to use on the go!

10ml Glass vial with rollerball & white screw top.