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The Award Winning EasyFit STAR. Combining the latest in fabric technology, innovation and design for an outstanding reusable nappy performance.

The Easyfit Nappy can hold up to 385ml. This Award Winning Easyfit Start is the ultimate one piece reusable nappy for absorbency, fit and comfort with out of the world performance. 

  • It has a super absorbent bamboo core which is soft and gentle next to the skin
  • Waterproof tummy area
  • Stay dry buffer zones to keep liquid locked into the core
  • It is Oetotex certified and contains no harmful chemicals
  • One size fits from birth to potty for the average baby - 8-35lbs

Why use Cloth Nappies?

  • TotsBots is the first company in the world to make reusable nappies out of plastic waste. 
  • There will be on average 2 plastic bottles diverted from landfill sites with every TotsBots nappy
  • Converting PET into Recycled polyester uses less water and energy than it would to poduce vergin polyester. 
  • Then new fabric is Oekotex 100 (class 1 ) 
  • Disposable Nappies take 200-500 years to decompose
  • The total cost of keeping a baby in disposable nappies for the first 2 years is over £800
  • A baby will use over 5000 nappies in the first 2 years alone! 
  • Why would you not use a cloth nappy?


How many do I need?

We recommend between 15 - 20 Day Time Nappies. 

Delivery is normally  2/3 days for in stock products and within 1/2 weeks if out of stock. I will email you after payment if out of stock. Please email me if the order is urgent on lisa@thenaturepot.co.uk

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