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Deodorants - the natural way


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When I started my journey to improve my eco footprint I knew that deodorants would be a sticking point for me. We all have our idiosyncrasies, fears and oddities, me more than most, and Deodorants are one of mine. For years I have studiously ignored anything to do with the harmful effects of deodorants whether it was to do with the aerosols or the effects of aluminum.

When I did start looking I found all sorts of conflicting information about aerosols and deodorants.

  •  Inhaling chemicals from aerosols can cause allergic skin reactions
  • Inhaling chemicals from aerosols can cause or irritate asthma and breathing difficulties
  • Aluminium in deodorants cause cancer
  • Parabens in antiperspirants cause cancer
  • Antiperspirants cause kidney problems
  • Aluminium in deodorants cause Alzheimer’s
  • Aerosols contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases known for their contribution to global warming.

So many opinions, accusations and supposed facts that it is difficult sometimes to get to the truth. One site says one thing, another contradicts the first and it goes on. So, what is the truth? How do we trust the information posted all over the internet when so much is driven by the money men?

I have always used an aerosol and have used the same brand and original aroma for as long as I remember. I cannot stand the stickiness of a roll on and can’t tolerate so many perfumes. I have been happy with my deodorant so why change? I do know that man-made anything has an impact on the environment at some point and that if I am going natural in other aspects of my life, and I am changing many things in my life at the moment, then I needed to address the deodorant issue and bite the bullet to try new natural products.

I was disappointed to find that many of the deodorants and products that I was researching came in plastic containers. Surely if we are trying to go back to nature with our products the packaging is as important as the product. Persistance pays off, I found at last, two lovely companies with the same ethos that I have, that produced wonderful moisturizers and natural skincare products, soap bars, shampoos and conditioner bars and deodorants with compostable or eco-friendly packaging. Hurrah! Who knew that the packaging would be the biggest issue! I now stock 2 different types a stick and a cream and will continue to look for more. 

The Cream for me works best, apart from the delicate natural fragrance, the cream is absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving no dampness, sliminess or any sensation other than natural skin. Perfect. Despite all my misgivings and fears it wasn’t such a big deal after all!

Interestingly the instructions said that it can take up to 2 weeks for your body to transition from the chemicals to the natural deodorant and that the user may be a little bit ‘smellier’ during that time but to be honest I haven’t noticed anything despite the heat wave we have just had. I would imagine that everybody reacts differently so if you are prone to sweating, maybe pick a couple of weeks when the temperatures don’t hit the 30’s! Not that I am complaining I love the heat. My armpits have stayed dry and unsticky (if that is a word) No horrible smells where I have been too scared to lift my arms up. No running to the bathroom for a quick freshen up and I even felt clean and fresh the next morning when I got up. I am not quite ready to go out for a run and test how far I can push it but too much physical activity isn’t really my thing. I am so pleased with this deodorant and even more pleased that green footprint is glowing that little bit stronger!

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