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‘Going Green’


Like many people, I have for years considered and dabbled a bit in going green, being more environmentally friendly and feeling guilty for not doing more. (But not quite guilty enough to really make a difference!) We all know how difficult changing habits is. When I started the journey developing The Nature Pot I wasn’t very ‘Green’ at all, but I wanted to be. I thought that natural products would be a compromise, not as good as the highly developed products that are marketed and sold everywhere. Surely if products are so well designed, then they must be superior. However, now I am not so sure anymore.

As I researched products and started testing items that I liked the look of I was really surprised at the quality of some items. The Shampoo turned out to be the best I have ever tried, with my hair super soft and shiny despite dying it regularly. A few weeks into swapping over to natural soap bars my skin started to respond. My skin wasn’t as dry, so my need for the new moisturiser I was testing was reduced. I kept wondering if the chemicals in the ‘mainline’ products were perpetuating problems. For Example, were products like Moisturisers for dry skin only temporarily relieving dryness before the dry skin returned pushing us to reach for the moisturiser again. I really believe that going natural is actually better for me, my skin and my body. Of course, not all products that I tried were up to a standard that I approved of. Like everything you need to try and test products and find something that suits you and your body. There is absolutely no reason to compromise on quality by going natural!

So now that I had a few products that I liked, I had to commit to changing habits. I did not turn into an eco-warrior overnight for which my husband is grateful. I started small. I have found this works best for me in many things. I realised that swapping out bathroom products was a relatively easy place to start and as my old products finished, I swapped them out for an eco-friendly alternative. I still forget to take my shampoo to the hairdressers on some visits but in general I have pretty much cracked this area although I am always looking for more products. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, face soap, flannel, loafer, deodorant and toothbrush all swapped to natural and eco-friendly products that I love. My face cream is natural, and I know they are looking to swap their packaging in the future.

With my Bathroom habit box ticked I now must change more habits. I have swapped sandwich bags and boxes to reusable wraps and plastic bottles to reusable alternatives. Although my husband is not included. He is a complete nightmare and leaves wraps and boxes on site never to be seen again. I will train him one day!

 I use reusable shopping bags and when possible buy unpackaged products in the shops. (I have been known to leave unnecessary packaging at the tills when the mood takes me.) All easy swaps and habits to change especially now that I have a string bag that lives happily at the bottom of my handbag. Now I am now tackling the kitchen and it is a daunting task. I have swapped to reusable wipes and cloths, natural scrubs/sponges and natural cleaners with concentrated refill pods. I know that I have a long way to go but at least I am moving forward and living currently with such a busy life juggling multiple jobs, kids and family sometimes baby steps feel huge. This journey will not happen overnight but hopefully taking baby steps I can go green and get greener every day.

 Do not beat yourself up about not doing enough just change one thing. If everybody changed one habit to a green, cleaner alternative the world in general would have made a huge step forward. Start simple and once that habit is formed pick another.

Go Green one step at a time.