CBD Tastes Horrible


Why does CBD taste so bad?

I suppose it depends on your taste buds? Personally it isn't the worst thing I have ever tasted and I have to say I prefer it to Liquorice, Double Yuck! It also isn't the nicest thing I have ever taken, but for me the benefits 100% outweigh the taste. 

So what does CBD Oil taste like?

Well to me it tastes quite earthy, leafy even and taken correctly isn't too bad. If you are taking CBD Oil please remember that the best way to take it is by placing the drops under your tongue and holding them there for between 30 seconds to 2mins. This Method works because the oil is absorbed best under the tongue and is then directly transfered to the blood. CBD Oil is not absorbed in the stomach or intestines like food is. 

Can you put CBD Oil in water or a drink?

Oil and Water dont mix and although it is physically possible you are limiting how much CBD is actually being absorbed and used by the body. 

My Top five ways on - How do you mask the taste of CBD oil?

  1. After holding the CBD Oil for 2mins (2mins is the goal but honestly I sometimes cant wait that long) I follow it with a drink. I use water or coffee, mainly because I really dont like anything else, but anything that has a strong taste will work. 
  2. I often follow it with chocolate (my guilty pleasure) I have heard that holding a piece of chocolate under your tongue at the same time as the oil works but I am a touch fussy about mixing my foods. Basically any food will work so try different things and use whatever works for you, there are no right and wrongs.
  3. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose. Honestly this does work quite well, and does get me through the 2 mins but i still follow up with a drink or chocolate after. 
  4. Brush your teeth. I have done this before and it works really well. Some people brush before but I have only brushed after. 
  5. If after all of that you still can't stand the taste and dream of adding your daily dose to a drink, try something from our Absorb Range 


The Absorb Range are not Oils and are designed to offer 100% absorption in the body which is up to 10 times more effective than an equivalent oil based product. The Absorb range maximises the potential of Cannabinoids and Terpenes, reduces product wastage and increases effectiveness in your body. 

You only need 1 dose a day and can either take it directly or add it to any drink of your choice. I have taken it in water to see what it tastes like and it is a very watered down version of the oil that wasnt too offensive and could be easily masked by being added to a drink with flavour. So not only does it get absorbed better you only need the one dose each day. Bonus. 

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